Why is Imagine Education different than other teacher training programs?

At Imagine Education, we believe that educators want a different way to teach and to provide students with a different way to learn.

Most teachers learn how to teach using the same irrelevant pedagogies, sitting in rows inside institutions of higher learning, taking notes, and memorizing disconnected facts for regurgitation on multiple-choice exams.  Even if you are learning to teach in an astounding, experiential teacher education program, IEI can truly supplement your learning by partnering you with an experienced project-based teacher and through targeted professional development and coursework informed by your teaching in a classroom in Taos County.

We are not going to be able to implement any true attempts in sustainability education without concomitant change in the way we teach teachers. While publicly funded schools still provide an equalizing agent to potentially provide opportunity for all children regardless of their race or social class, no school can truly educate children to meet the coming demands of our time without experiential teacher education.

Imagine Education believes that solutions to societal and environmental ills can be found in the minds, voices, and actions of our youth, given the right kind of education – one that begins with quality, experiential teacher education.

Imagine Education participating teachers will…

  • Integrate sustainability education and place-based education principles into the curriculum they write leading to authentic student projects.
  • Create learning environments and tasks to draw out the ideas of young minds and help students find their voices to do the real work of solving real world problems.