DSC_0060Senior Consultant/CEO/Director Stephanie Owens, Ph. D., is an educational psychologist whose driving goal is for children’s experiences in school be worth their time.  Children have so much to learn and master in order to become creative and contributing members of the global culture that schooling is a necessity – but are the activities and environment adequate replacements for time learning in the outdoors through play?  Stephanie’s passion informs the mission of Imagine Education, to support teachers in making the difference in children’s lives so that school is worth it.

DSC02123She has been working in the field of education for 20 years, at the university level and in K-12 public schools.  Her training as an Educational Psychologist focused on the education of pre-service teachers who were pursuing education degrees with a teaching license.  This work continued during Dr. Owens’ tenure as an educational consultant for Expeditionary Learning, a nationally recognized reform organization in K-12 public education.  Interspersed throughout these experiences, Stephanie has taught all subjects to middle schoolers (grades 6-8) for a total of nine years at a small, rural charter school in Northern NM. Her work included leading wilderness trips in a variety of settings.  More recently, she has received training and contract work writing curriculum at a national level that is aligned to the new Common Core State Standards.  (Refer to Appendix A for Dr. Owens’ full curriculum vita.)

Dr. Owens’ former doctoral-level research program informs her work as a practitioner.  This research focused on the evolution of play and how it functions to create culture by being a fundamental learning environment.  We’re in deep play as a species – play defined as possibly having very real consequences (e.g., rock climbing, homesteading, etc.).  With impending ecosystem collapse, our youth should be equipped to create the ‘what ifs’ that may foster a new sustainable reality for humanity.  This deep engagement can only be achieved through our evolved learning framework – play

Dr. Owens has lived in Taos, New Mexico for 13 years.  During that time, she has co-written two charters to found Vista Grande High School and La Jicarita Charter School.  Her networks include teachers in Taos County school settings and specialists in the area of providing services to students with learning differences. More

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