Instructional Coaching

Student-centered coaching differs from teacher-centered coaching by keeping actual student work front and center for the entire coaching cycle. During these coaching cycles, the teacher and the coach analyze student work to gauge progress toward one or more specific learning targets.

  • Coaching provided for K-12 teachers for any subject area
  • One-on-one coaching cycles
  • Includes one weekly co-planning session per week
  • Includes 1-2 co-teaching opportunities per week
  • Cycles last from 4-6 weeks

Whole school teacher PD facilitation

Whole school teacher PD is focused on the topics of your school’s work plan, EPSS, and/or school improvement plan.  The agendas are based on the school-wide goals and related trends seen in data, such as short-cycle assessment or walkthroughs.  The sessions are learning target based with clear outcomes.  Teacher time is highly respected; they should be doing the work as an integral aspect of PD, rather than feeling that ‘yet another task’ has been added to their work load.

img_0492Potential topics of focus for whole group PD include, but are not limited to…

  • curriculum design and writing
  • literacy instruction across content areas
  • writing to learn strategies
  • lesson planning with active pedagogies and protocols
  • project-based learning
  • aligning standards and assessments
  • student-engaged assessment
  • using data to inform instruction
  • differentiation
  • standards-based grading

small group teacher pd facilitation

Small group teacher PD is designed to meet the needs of select groups of teachers, depending on the nature of your school-wide goals or the specific needs of teachers.

These small groups can take many configurations:

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Study groups
  • Book clubs
  • Department teams
  • Cross-department teams