IMG_1753.JPGImagine Education specializes in creating in-depth curriculum for any grade and any content area.  Curriculum is developed following the Understanding by Design backward planning model.  Curriculum provided includes project descriptors, exemplars, rubrics, critique and revision reflections, and assessment plans.

Formative assessment integrated into a compelling, authentic context is at the heart of well-designed curriculum.  Tap into students’ passions, interests, and real world concerns, and they are motivated to achieve.  Standards-based formative assessment is built into lessons and teachers are guided to use the results for altering future lessons and for planning for differentiation.

Curriculum writing projects 2012-2017:

Dr. Owens has written STEM, Information Technology, and Health Sciences curriculum
for middle school career pathways exploration learning experiences with the Possible Futures, Possible Selves program.  The work is under the direction of Tobie Baker-Wright,senior program manager of the Pathways to Prosperity Network.

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In this capacity, Dr. Owens was responsible for writing science curriculum for 2nd through 8th grades.  This curriculum was project-based and integrated to meet the CCSS ELA standards for science as well as with the Healthy Body Pillar of their charter school model.  The Healthy Body Pillar emphasizes physical activity, health and nutrition education, and a culture of wellness.

Examples of this curriculum include Are Humans Born To Run?, an exploration into the evolution of the human anatomy; Home Sweet Home, that takes 2nd graders on an exploration of how humans live in the habitat provided by the natural world; and Farming is Science?, a module based in the agro-sciences and culminating in a final project in which students had to apply the engineering design cycle to an authentic problem in the field.  This work was under the supervision of Giselle Isabell, Director of Prepared Mind.


Dr. Owens participated as a member on the Engage NY ELA 8th grade curriculum writing team.  The 7th and 8th grade curriculum was rated Exemplary (the highest rating) by EquiP, an initiative of Achieve who lead the creation and adoption of the CCSS.  The overall curriculum was rated Exemplary by the State of Connecticut.  Stephanie’s supervisor was Auddie Mastroleo, literacy consultant, and Suzanne Plaut, Director of Curriculum Design at EL Education.


This curriculum is open source.


Working with evidence: Taking a stand –
A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Comedy of Control –
The Civil Rights Movement and The Little Rock Nine –